Thursday, October 05, 2006

2006 Canby Giant Pumpkin Festival

I remember watching a television show back in the 1960s called "Land of the Giants." It was about a group of astronauts who got caught in some kind of reality warp and they ended up on a planet similar to earth, but the people were 70 feet tall. All sorts of wackiness ensued, with giant pencils, pets, and other household objects featured in each episode. As a kid I tried to imitate the show by building my own giant mockups. The only problem was that I didn't have the budget the TV show producers had and my "giant" objects looked more like big cardboard boxes with some crude artwork decorating them. Oh well.

Imagine my delight, when I found out that in nearby Canby, Oregon, the folks there hold something they call the Canby Giant Pumpkin Festival each year. We're talking big pumpkins. 1,400 pound pumpkins! Land of the Giants pumpkins! The organizers start off the festival at 10am Saturday, October 7th with a giant pumpkin drop onto a waiting car below. There's hayrides, hay slides, corn mazes, pumpkin slingshots...this will be fun.
Fir Point Farms


michelle said...
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michelle said...

Hey Randy! This looks like fun. I am also glad to hear that it is close by! Time to dust off the ol' digital camera I say. I wonder if they have funnel cake?! Yum!

Randy Hill said...

Yeah, Michelle, this is Oregon culture at its highest! I hope you get some good pictures.