Saturday, May 31, 2008

Clear Lake Resort, Oregon

Well, it's great to be back online again with Northwest Seen. I had to take a break from the blog and decide if it was really filling a need. Apparently it is.

I just got back from a great trip to the mountains and more specifically, Clear Lake Resort in the Cascade mountain range of Oregon.

There was a little more snow on the ground than I was originally led to believe, but we had a great time nonetheless.

Clear Lake is really clear. Really clear. It's so clear that you can see the many-thousand year old trees on the bottom of the lake leftover from the volcanic eruption that created the lake, back when.

You can rent a rowboat by the hour or a full day for only $25.

There is a small diner next to the lake with decent food and a great view.

Note that the "rustic cabins" are really rustic. No bathrooms and no running water. It was a pain to trek to the shower/bathrooms down the trail from the cabin. Next time we'll be in one of the "modern" cabins.

It's a great place to get away from it all; you are surrounded by beauty. Really, what more could you want?

Don't miss Sahalie Falls just down the road. Absolutely stunning view and plenty of trails to hike.
Photo copyright 2008 Randy Hill Creative

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your recent news you shared about Clear has been one of our favorite places to go for years, long before Linn County took over the area. We are spending Father's Day weekend there in one of the "rustic" cabins and hauling our rowboat so we can catch some trout! You didn't mention the fishing...I wonder if they are biting this early. I remember one year we went up and it was snowing so hard and was so cold, you couldn't see another boat on the lake (and there were some)but we caught our limit in trout in no time. Last year since the snow was so deep, we still found trilliums flowering in the sparkling snowdrifts as we hiked around the lake. Ah, yes, it's so beautiful there.