Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Seattle's Underground City.

By the end of 1889, Seattle had become the largest city in with 40,000 residents. That same year, the Great Seattle Fire resulted in the complete destruction of Pioneer Square.

Fortunately for the neighborhood the economy was strong at the time, so Pioneer Square was quickly rebuilt. The new buildings followed a Romanesque Revival architectural style. Because of drainage problems new development was built at a higher level literally burying the remains of old Pioneer Square. Anticipating the planned regrade, many buildings were built with two entrances, one at the old, low level, and another higher up.

Visitors can take the Seattle Underground Tour to see what remains of the old storefronts.

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i need to know what times of year can i go- i am goning to be married 15 yrs on april 12th 2009 nd want to go to seattle around that date( as close as possiable) and we are trying to make sure we see the space needle-&- the fish market in that time so if you could help- let me know your times and dates so we can get the others in time together.-if you can help us in anyway contact me at patricia.lesueur@yahoo.com

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