Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Granite, Oregon...Rebirth of a ghost town

On the road through eastern Oregon...

Next stop was the former ghost town of Granite. Granite was first settled on July 4, 1862. It was then only natural the settlers would name the town “Independence.” Not so said the postal authorities for there was already a town by that name in Oregon. The next choice was “Granite” for the prevailing rock in the region.

All of the buildings that were formerly empty and falling down, are being repaired and used as cabins and residences. There's even a small gift shop/cafe at the entrance to the little town.

Locals told me that the snow gets pretty deep up there in the winter. I was hoping for an honest to goodness "Gunsmoke" style ghost town, but it's a nice spot and worth finding your way there.

Pictured at top: The old Granite general store. Picture by Randy Hill, copyright 2007.

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