Monday, August 27, 2007

The Sunshine Health Mine, Boulder Montana

In my search for weird and out of the way places to visit in the Pacific Northwest, I came across The Sunshine Health Mine in Boulder, Montana. It is one of several “health mines’ in the area where you can bathe in radon rays which are claimed to cure everything from colon cancer to gout. Although doctors once thought that there were therapeutic uses for exposure to radon, it’s never been scientifically proven. Who am I to call it a bunch of baloney?

Check it out for yourself. Apparently, a small exposure at one of the radon “spas” won’t harm you, but I can’t guarantee it!

The Sunshine Health Mine is located 33 miles southwest of Helena in Boulder, Montana.

To visit the Mine, take Interstate 15, exit on 160 High Ore Road. Follow the signs leading one mile up Galena Gulch to the Sunshine Health Mine.

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