Sunday, October 15, 2006

Out ‘n’About Treesort - Cave Junction, Oregon

When I was a kid, I saw the Disney movie, “Swiss Family Robinson” and I immediately became enamored with the family’s treehouse in the movie. I even tried to build one, but it ended up being two rickety, splinter laden boards nailed to a couple of tree limbs. It hardly resembled the Robinson's amazing creation. So much for my junior carpentry skills!

I was surfing the web one day and came across the Out ‘n’About Treesort located near Cave Junction, Oregon and all those childhood memories of trying to a build treehouse came flooding back. These guys had built proper treehouses and then turned them into a collection of aerial bed and breakfasts. If you are looking for a unique way to spend your next long weekend, this might just fit the bill. Imagine sleeping in your very own private treehouse suite in the beautiful countryside of southern Oregon. Be sure to book early; the owners are already taking bookings for 2007. There are also treehouse building classes available and a long list of other fun things to do.

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